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In the property of Verum Herb, the botanical treasure of the Greek land offers high quality aromatic plants which are enjoyed in the form of herbal tea - hot or cold – and stimulate the senses, boost physical and spiritual wellness, revitalize, soothe and relieve the body, while simultaneously offering aroma and special taste and flavor to your food.
Authentic natural flavor
Unique aroma

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and all the beneficial properties of herbs .... in a cup!

Verum Herb about us

Verum Herb is a family run business that produces organic aromatic plants and herbs. In an area stretching over thirty acres, the Komini family brings out the best of Greek nature and offers a natural and completely healthy product.

tic1 greenVerum Herb means true, authentic Greek herbs, chemical-free, untreated and dried in natural air and shading conditions.

tic1 greenIt means high quality aromatic plants, rich in essential oils, natural aromas, delicious flavors that retain all the special beneficial properties and characteristics.

tic1 greenVerum Herb. The best of what Nature has to offer.

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The organic farmland of Verum Herb can be found in Faskomilia, Thesprotia, under the endless blue sky, near the Ionian and in ideal climatic conditions stretching over an area of approximately thirty acres. All the beauty and harmony of nature unfolds there, in the form of aromatic plants and herbs that delight the senses with colours, scents and flavours.

P.O 460 30 - EPIRUS - GREECE

+30 698 082 6070

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Why go organic ?
....because it is not a luxury,
it is promoting healthy living and wellness !